Journal Club of the Week : Evaluation of Ethephon-induced Genotoxic and Epigenetic Alterations on the Liver and Blood Cells of Rats

In the 21th November 2016, journal club meeting, the pesticide Ethephon was introduced by Fazlullah Khan the PhDs. The mechanism of action as an accelerator of plant growth and ripeness was focused. Ethephon is widely used by pineapple growers to initiate reproductive development (force) of pineapple. Ethephon is also sprayed on mature-green pineapple fruits to degreen them to meet market requirements. There can be some detrimental effect on fruit quality. Although many environmental groups worry about toxicity resulting from the use of growth hormones and fertilizers, the toxicity of ethephon is actually very low, and any ethephon used in the plant is converted very quickly to ethylene. The genotoxic, tetragenetics, and carcinogenetic effects of ethephon in rat and mouse models were under the attention of discussion.